Naptime // Silver
Naptime // Silver
Naptime // Silver
Naptime // Silver
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Naptime // Silver
Naptime // Silver
Naptime // Silver


Naptime // Silver

Sale price$99.99

Whether you're nodding off during the afternoon slump at the office or fighting drowsiness while driving, a power nap can make you alert and productive— but only if you do it correctly. Boost your alertness, productivity, mood, creativity, and cognitive abilities, while lowering stress with Naptime by Entertech. This smart device utilizes EEG sensors and learning technology to analyze your brainwave activity. It calms you down with music and wakes you up before you fall into a deep sleep to avoid that sleep inertia, so you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the day.

The electrically conductive silicone detects your brain’s electrical signals through the skin, transmitting them from the patented EEG algorithm chip to the Naptime app on your device. The app learns from your data to pick the right music for you, wake you up at the optimal time, calculate your Nap Score, and even give you personal nap tips. The best part? Naptime draws charge from your devices, no batteries are required.

Product Details

— Outer Materials: Environmental Protection PU
— Inner Material: Suede Fabric
— Orbital Surface Material: Protein Leather
— Strap: Neoprene SBR CR
— Electrodes: Conductive Leather
— Earphone: ABS+PC
— Cable Length: 47.2"
— Lightning Connector for iPhone
— Micro USB+ Type C Connector for Android
— No Batteries

The Naptime App Uses Your EEG Data To:
— Play Suitable Music Set In The Intelligent Music Library To Relax You And Lull You To Sleep
— Start Pink Noise When You Fall Asleep To Create A Better Sleep Environment
— Wake You Up Before Falling Into Deep Sleep, So You Feel Refreshed
— Calculate Your Nap Score: Sleep Quality, Relaxation Quality
— Generate Sleep Curves That Shows The Relax Duration And Sleep Duration
— Give You Personalized Tips To Improve Your Nap Quality