Cook Mellow Sous Vide Machine
Cook Mellow Sous Vide Machine
Cook Mellow Sous Vide Machine
Cook Mellow Sous Vide Machine
Cook Mellow Sous Vide Machine
Cook Mellow Sous Vide Machine
Cook Mellow Sous Vide Machine


Cook Mellow Sous Vide Machine

Sale price$199.99

Mellow is the first smart sous-vide machine designed around a busy homecook's day. It combines the technology to make jaw-dropping food with a 30-second setup, an in-app assistant chef, and built-in refrigeration.

Sous-vide is the process of cooking food to precise times and temperature in a water bath while vacuum sealed in food-safe HDPE bags. When fully submerged, the water circulates around the food and cooks it to a perfect temperature, texture, and taste for an easy way to create healthy, nutrient rich, and perfectly cooked dishes. It's no wonder why sous-vide is widely used by top chefs around the globe.

Thanks to the built in Wi-Fi, you can control your cooking in real time using your smartphone whether you're in your kitchen or miles away from home. Mellow can also sense weight changes and interprets what they mean. If it thinks food was added to the water bath, it’ll prompt your phone immediately. The see-through tank is double-walled, which is important to keep Mellow energy efficient. The tank is also easily removable, making it simple to change the water when you want to.

Product Details
  • Materials: Bpa Free Plastic And Food Safe Metal Grid
  • Measurements: 12.5"L x 6.7"W x 15.8"H
  • Origin: Imported

— Built-In Refrigeration
— Pre-Cooling Mode
— Enhanced Food Safety Features
— Water Circulation By Air Injection
— Sleek All-In-One Design
— Proprietary Energy Efficient Double-Walled Water Container
— 1000 Watt Heating Power
— 140 Watt Cooling Power
— Maximum Cooking Capacity: 5 Liters, About 6 Regular Portions
— Temperature Range: 39°F (At 84°F Room Temperature) To 194°F
— Temperature Stability: +/- 1°F at 140°F
— Built-In Wifi
— Intuitive & Easy To Use Smartphone App
— Mellow App Learns Your Taste Over Time
— Mellow App Compatible With iOS 9 Or Later And Android 4.4 Or Later
— Includes 20 Bags; Compatible With Any Sous Vide/Foodsaver Bag

System Requirements
— Wi-Fi Connection
— Smartphone Or Tablet (iOS 9 Or Later / Android 4.4 Or Later)
— Line Voltage 110 To 125 V AC
— Frequency 60 Hz, Single Phase