Hupnos Sleep Mask
Hupnos Sleep Mask
Hupnos Sleep Mask
Hupnos Sleep Mask
Hupnos Sleep Mask


Hupnos Sleep Mask

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Hupnos is an intelligent sleep mask that analyzes your snoring habits and takes gentle steps to fix it. Lightweight and comfortable, it works with your smartphone to provide two therapies for snoring— positional therapy and EPAP (Exhalation Positive Airway Pressure). If you are on your back and the mask detects that you’re snoring, it will send your body tiny vibrational cues to change positions. If you are still snoring it will increase your exhalation pressure and open your airways.

By connecting to your device via Bluetooth, the dedicated Hupnos app tracks your snoring, body position, and movement so it knows exactly when to activate the gentle vibration to adjust your position or the valve to control your exhalation pressure. After a few nights of tracked sleep, this handy app enables you to review how your current snoring remedy is helping to reduce your snoring.

Product Details

— Materials: Microfiber, Epap, Silicone, Elastic
— Measurement: 10"L x 5"W x 4"H
— Anti-Snoring Sleep System
— Adjustable Microfiber Face Mask Equipped With Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
— Dedicated App For iOS + Android Tracks Snoring, Body Position, + Movement; Controls Vibration + Exhalation Pressure Valve
— Battery Capacity: 300mAh
— Charge Time: 3 hours
— Run Time: 3-4 Days
— MicroUSB Rechargeable
— Charging Cable Included