Nanoleaf Shapes // Triangles Smarter Kit // 7 panels
Nanoleaf Shapes // Triangles Smarter Kit // 7 panels
Nanoleaf Shapes // Triangles Smarter Kit // 7 panels
Nanoleaf Shapes // Triangles Smarter Kit // 7 panels
Nanoleaf Shapes // Triangles Smarter Kit // 7 panels
Nanoleaf Shapes // Triangles Smarter Kit // 7 panels


Nanoleaf Shapes // Triangles Smarter Kit // 7 panels

Sale price$199.99

The Nanoleaf Light Panels Smarter Kit is a system of modular, interactive lighting panels, that works with both iOS and Android devices. It beautifully blends lighting, design, and technology, and gives you easy control from the app, through voice control, or with the physical controller.

Wake up to the sunrise, improve your mood with the movement of light and colors, beautify your living space, and seamlessly automate your lighting to fit your life - all at the touch of a button - or with Siri/Google Assistant /Amazon Alexa voice control. Whether it’s setting the mood for a party, a date, or enabling your little ones to run free with their imaginations, the possibilities are endless. Express your creativity with panels that snap together in any shape you want, and then use your phone to customize the colors however you imagine. There’s even a Discover tab in the app with tons of downloadable scenes for your convenience.

Combine Shapes into Your Own Design

Create beautiful symmetry in any room, or get completely abstract - the choice is yours. With Connect+ technology in all Nanoleaf Shapes products, you can combine different shapes into a stunning light mosaic.

See Your Music Come to Life

Transform your favorite songs into dancing symphonies of color and light. With the built-in Rhythm music sync, your panels react to music of all genres in real-time. Try the Pop Rocks Rhythm Scene and watch your lights move to the beat.

Reacts To Your Touch

Watch light panels respond dynamically to your touch, control lights, or even play interactive games! Try the Highlight Motion for a stunning ripple effect. With Touch Actions, activate multiple HomeKit devices in your home just with one touch.

Immersive Screen Mirror

The colors from your screen are reflected on your panels for an immersive entertainment experience. Use Match mode for next-level movie nights and gaming sessions.

Personalize Your Lights

Customize your lights in the Nanoleaf App: create Scenes, Playlists, set schedules, or download/share your Scenes with the user community. Control with your touch, voice via Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings or IFTTT, and more.

16M+ Colors

16M+ colors with 1200K-6500K white light temperature range and brightness control. Nanoleaf’s exclusive LayoutDetect technology enables color animations to flow intelligently between panels based on your layout.

Simple Drill-free Setup

Easily mount Shapes onto any flat surface using the included Mounting Tape, no drilling required. Bend around corners or mount to angled surfaces using Flex Linkers (sold separately).

Perfect for…

Building your immersive battlestation or home-theatre; boosting your energy for workouts and creating the right ambience for yoga sessions; setting up your personal productivity zone; designing a statement wall or ceiling decor masterpiece.

No Hub Required

Hundreds of pre-saved Scenes available right out of the box. Connect to Wi-Fi for customized control.

  • 7x triangle light panels
  • 7x mounting plates
  • 1x 42W power supply unit
  • 1x Type A power plug (CA/US)
  • 8x double-sided adhesive mounting tape
  • 7x linkers for connecting panels
  • 1x Quick Start Guide