The Crispy Rice Cooker
The Crispy Rice Cooker
The Crispy Rice Cooker
The Crispy Rice Cooker
The Crispy Rice Cooker
The Crispy Rice Cooker

Solus Brands

The Crispy Rice Cooker

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Crispy rice has been a staple of cultures for thousands of years. Unfortunately because of the limitations for the everyday chef, most of us don't take the time or simply don't have the understanding of how it's prepared. Perfectly crispy rice can never be guaranteed, even for the most experienced of chefs— until now.

The Solus Crispy Rice Cooker is the only patented rice cooker with a designated fry mode to make delicious, perfectly crispy rice dishes like tahdig, guo ba, socarrat, and more.

It has a compact and modern look, serves controlled portions, and is made exclusively from BPA-free and recyclable materials. The glass lid makes it convenient to monitor fry levels at a glance, and is easy to clean with a simple wipe. Best of all, because this is a high-grade rice cooker, it will automatically switch into fry mode when your rice is cooked, giving you perfect fried rice every time.

Product Details
  • Colors: Brushed Aluminum, Black
  • Materials: Aluminum, Plastic
  • Measurements 
    11"L x 11"W x 4"H
  • Origin: Imported

— High Quality Rice Cooker & Fryer
— Automated Crispy Rice Mode
— Highly Effective Filter & Custom Sensors Automatically Recognize When Rice Is Cooked & Ready To Fry
— Quick & Easy 15-20 Minute Fry Time
— Digital Display Panel
— Removable Non-stick Oil Pan
— Ergonomic Touch Handle
— Removable Glass Lid
— Compact & Easily Stored
— Power Consumption: 600W
— 110V Wall-Plug Power Supply
— Capacity Of Oil: 1.2L
— Capacity Of Rice: 1-4 Cups
— Made From Premium, Recyclable Materials
— BPA-Free