Universe In A Sphere
Universe In A Sphere
Universe In A Sphere


Universe In A Sphere

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The Universe in a Sphere is an unbelievable glass orb that accurately represents the structure of our universe. It's a true scale model of a portion of the known universe, depicting 380,000 galaxies and 250 megaparsec (815,000,000 light-years) worth of space all in the palm of your hand.

Laser etched with targeted heat impulses, every light-reflecting dot inside represents an entire galaxy like our Milky Way. Behind every single point are up to several hundred billion stars, each with potential planets. From this vantage point, our planet is not much more than an atom in a much larger structure.

Product Details

— Materials: Glass
— Laser-Etched Orb
— 660g Optical Grade Borosilicate Glass
— 3.15" Diameter
— Includes Small Rubber Ring For Display
— LED Base NOT Included
— Origin: Germany

— Glass Sphere
— Gift Box
— Cleaning Towel